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Best Vacuums for Hardwood Floors - In depth Reviews of Top Brands

on Sun, 04/19/2015 - 15:39

Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors #1

We searched extensively to locate the best vacuum for hardwood floors.  Our research led us to MANY vacuums, but for this review we have narrowed it down to three.  The good news is our top pick is relatively inexpensive and can be purchased for under $200.00.
1) Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum – We chose this vacuum based on several factors. It has an allergy free, gasket sealed system that utilizes cyclone technology and doesn’t require bags.  You can lift away the canister to clean stairs and corners.  You can turn off the power head to clean hardwood floors and the suction on this vacuum is AMAZING!
Shark Navigator Lift Away
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Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors #2

Miele Cat & Dog Upright Vacuum Cleaner – This German manufactured vacuum is AMAZING!  If you have pets and hardwood floors this is the vacuum for you.  The Miele is a technologically advanced beast that automatically adjusts to different floor coverings.  It will automatically adjust the height of the vacuum and the suction.  You can flip a switch to turn off the roller brush when vacuuming hardwood floors.  The only reason the Miele was not our #1 pick for best hardwood floor vacuum is that it is less versatile than the Shark. But, me we must say, the build quality of this vacuum far exceeds that of the Shark Navigator.









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Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors #3

Panasonic "Jet Force" Bagless Vacuum – This is an all around good vacuum with many high-tech features.  It has a powerful dual 12 amp motor configuration, a dirt sensor AND automatic floor height adjustment.  You turn off the roller brush with the EZ bare floor switch.  We really like the QuickDraw2 tools with the aluminum telescoping wand.  This vacuum even comes with a turbo head attachment.  The only reason we hesitate to give this the title of Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors is the build quality.  This vacuum is manufactured in China and doesn’t “feel” like the most sturdy vacuum.  It is priced well below $200 so if you’re on a tight budget this may be the vacuum for you.


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If you have any suggestions for other vacuum reviews please leave a comment.  Please check out our other reviews and let us know if you have experience with any of the vacuums we listed.

Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors - An All Inclusive Guide

on Sat, 04/11/2015 - 20:56

We all know that it is important to maintain a clean home. Vacuuming is a common household chore for homes containing carpet. What if your home contains primarily hardwood floors? Many people merely sweep and dust mop hard floors. Sweeping is very time consuming and not very efficient. There is a better way to maintain your hardwood floors that is both quicker and more efficient than sweeping.

What is the Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors?

Vacuums for Hardwood Floors

That's right, you can actually vacuum your hardwood flooring quickly and efficiently. Not all vacuums suffice when it comes to hard flooring. There are many considerations when choosing the proper hard floor vacuum. No matter what your goal is when vacuuming we can all agree that suction is important. A good hardwood floor vacuum will have enough suction to pull even stuck on particles of food and debris. Suction is only the beginning of what makes the best vacuum for hard floors.

Important Features of a Hardwood Floor Vacuum

Go Brushless - Vacuums designed for carpet have beater bars. This is the roller with bristles that spin at the bottom of the vacuum. A beater bar is important for loosening dirt from carpet so it can be extracted by the vacuum suction. Beater bars or vacuum brushes are HORRIBLE for hardwood floors. At the least they will scatter dirt and debris away from the vacuum. At the worst they can scratch delicate hardwood surfaces. If you want a dedicated hardwood floor vac. you should choose one that doesn't have a beater bar. The vacuum will be lighter and easier to navigate. If you want a vacuum that can handle both carpet and hard flooring then choose a model that allows you to turn off the beater bar/brush.

Go Light - Most homes with hardwood flooring have large expanses with furniture placed throughout their home. It is much easier to navigate your vacuum if it is light and has an efficient design. In addition to lightweight it is good to look for models that have a robust turning technology. Some vacs. come with balls, or other swivel technology that aids in steering your vacuum.

Go Feature Rich - There are many extras that can help with cleaning your floors. We like vacuums that have removable telescoping wands. These wands help you to vacuum in hard to reach places such as behind furniture. Many top of the line hardwood floor vacuums come with additional attachments for cleaning furniture, blinds and drapes. If you are looking for a dual purpose carpet and hardwood vacuum then there are even more features to choose from. If you are a pet owner you will want a turbo brush attachment. These units attach to the removable vacuum hose or extendable wand. They have a rotating brush to loosen hair, dirt and debris.

Other Considerations When Choosing the Best Vacuum

Bag or Bagless? - There are two camps when it comes to bagless and bagged vacuums. One camp insists on using bags. They claim that bags filter the air being expelled from the vacuum, and they eliminate mess when emptying the vacuum. The pro bagless camp like the convenience and cost savings of using a bagless vacuum.

The pros of a bagless vacuum are:

1) Many bagless models are designed to not lose suction when they become full.
2) You save money by not purchasing bags.

The pros of a bagged vacuum are:

1) Bags can filter pollen and bacteria from the air being expelled by the vacuum.
2) Bags can be easily removed when the vacuum is empty. They don't create a mess like bagless vacuums when being emptied.

Mop Vacuum Combos

There is a new generation of hardwood floor vacuums. They are a combination of a vacuum and mop. They are generally a very weak stick vacuum that uses moist wipes for further cleaning. At this point we wouldn't recommend any of the combo vacuums due to quality issues. We will be looking at some of them in coming weeks.

We have discussed the primary considerations when looking for your perfect hardwood vacuum. A final consideration is build quality and warranty. Generally speaking, the better the build quality the longer the warranty, but this is not always the case. We recommend searching online for reviews on the various vacuum models. If you are concerned with the quality and longevity of the vacuum in question look for reviews from owner that have owned their hardwood floor vacuum for 5+ years.

If you check back soon we will be reviewing several hardwood floor models. We look forward to helping you find the best vacuum for hardwood floors!